Leadership accelerator for women in construction

Uncovering today’s construction leaders by accelerating female talent from within. 

An 8-week intensive leadership course.

Are you developing your female staff into the leaders the construction industry needs today?

  • Do you have vacant leadership positions?
  • Are you wondering where you’re going to find talent in an increasingly competitive market?
  • Are you wondering if you have enough diversity on your leadership team?
  • Are you worried about employee retention?

We are facing a war for talent. It used to be about getting people in the door; now, it’s about engaging that talent.


Regional Manager, Atlantic, Pomerleau

Ambition Theory’s Leadership Accelerator for Women in Construction helps companies to:

  • Fill leadership roles internally instead of having to search externally.
  • Increase retention of female employees. By selecting employees and investing in them, you’re demonstrating that you have a plan and a long-term vision for them in the company. 
  • Reduce stress – Developing talent from within ensures that the leader is a cultural fit. 
  • Better connect with clients – having diverse leaders allows you to better connect with client teams who are made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds. 
  • Win more jobs: Diversity and team makeup are becoming decision-making factors in many construction projects.

The war for talent is one of the biggest challenges the construction industry is facing today. 

Ambition Theory understands how stressful this can be. We can help you improve employee retention by developing leaders from the existing talent inside your organization.

Ambition Theory is featured in: 

Ambition Theory includes professional coaching in all of our programs. Our coaches are certified by the International Coach Federation. 

The internal training at my company taught me about leadership skills. The coaching I received from Ambition Theory taught me the behavioural side of things. By combining the two, I learned how to step up and lead others.”


Senior Estimator, PCL Construction, Toronto

Our curriculum is based on the Canadian Construction Association’s Gold Seal standard

Gold Seal Certified (GSC) construction management professionals have attained the highest standard of excellence in the industry, have proven industry experience and are held in the highest regard. Companies that employ GSC professionals are seen as leaders for their commitment to quality and excellence through education, training, and continual skill development.

Canadian Construction Association

Andrea is a welcome trailblazer who helps organizations understand diversity and inclusion in our society today, and more specifically in our own companies.

– Kevin Skinner, former Vice President, PCL Construction Ottawa

I originally had some concerns about the training being only for women as I was worried it could perpetuate prejudices against men. However, seeing people like myself in similar roles with similar challenges validated that I wasn’t alone. Being in this setting allowed me to see that some of the traditional barriers women have faced in the construction industry are slowly fading. Don’t get me wrong, there are still barriers to overcome, but they don’t seem as impossible anymore.

– Janice Teale, Municipal Group of Companies, Halifax

Now is the time to invest in female construction leadership

Book a call with us: We will help you determine who the best candidates are in your organization.

Create a plan: Set objectives for leadership behaviours and tangible outcomes to ensure you get a return on investment.

Watch your female leaders rise and tackle your companies biggest challenges.

Why invest in women in construction

The war for talent is a massive problem for the construction industry today. It can make you feel stressed out, overwhelmed and not sure how to proceed. 

The construction industry is booming, and it seems wrong that so much energy and resources are focused on filling roles instead of delivering projects. 

Ambition Theory understands how stressful this can be. Our programs focus on improving employee retention by developing leaders from the talent that exists inside your organization. Female talent can often be overlooked. We focus on identifying and developing that talent. Our curriculum is designed based on the Canadian Construction Associations Gold Seal standard.

Here’s how it works. Book a call with us to develop a plan to meet your organization’s goals. Select and invite female professionals to participate.  Fill your leadership pipeline with engaged and loyal skilled professionals. 

Address the war for talent in your organization today by investing in the female professionals you already have. Make a statement that your organization is taking action to support female leadership in the construction industry.

Ambition Theory’s Leadership Accelerator includes:


8 weeks of on-demand curriculum (taken on your schedule – through a combination of video, audio, articles and worksheets)

1-hour live group coaching each week: 2-time slots to choose from

Your Leadership Brand 360-degree feedback Assessment


Action Planning worksheets 


Networking – build relationships with other women leaders in the industry to share best practices 

Evidence-based articles – to deepen your learning 

One 30 minute individual coaching session booked at the participant’s convenience 


2 Gold Seal credits 

Bonus: Diversity and Inclusion in the Construction Industry virtual speaker series


  • Week 1: Core Values 
  • Week 2: Understanding your strengths 
  • Week 3: The mindset of a strategic leader
  • Week 4: How others perceive your leadership style 
  • Week 5: Social and Emotional Intelligence:  
  • Week 6: Sponsorship vs. Mentorship
  • Week 7: Why Business development is everybody’s job + relationship management 
  • Week 8: Acknowledging progress and continuing your leadership journey

Assessment: Your leadership brand 360-degree feedback assessment.

Bonus: Diversity and Inclusion in the Construction industry virtual speaker series.


Time commitment: 

  • 30-60 minutes each week for pre-work.
  • 60 minutes each week for group leadership coaching. There are two time slots to choose from.
  • Total time commitment is 1.5-2 hours per week.


The next open cohort starts on January 24, 2022. Company-specific cohorts can start at any time. 


The current 2021 price is $2,000,
in 2022 the price will increase to $2,500 per participant.

Who’s it for? 

Our Leadership Accelerator is for professional women in construction with five or more years of experience. They are on the verge of rising to a leadership position or have recently been promoted to a leadership role.

Learning Outcomes 

After the 8-week course, participants will:

  • Understand their unique leadership brand and how to leverage their strengths in their role. 
  • Demonstrate the leadership behaviours required to influence and inspire others to take action. 
  • Have increased confidence in their ability to manage up and navigate relationships within their organization. 
  • Have the ability to think strategically and understand how to provide value to their company. 
  • Develop a network and support system of other female leaders in the industry.

Ambition Theory Founder, Andrea Janzen 

Andrea is a Certified Executive Coach with an MBA, the host of the Ambition Theory Podcast, a Forbes contributor and a top-rated speaker.

She is passionate about coaching women in AEC to develop themselves, set leadership goals and get results.  Since 2018, Andrea has coached and trained over 1,000 construction professionals.

Professional Coaching & Leadership Training for Women in Construction.

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