I’m Andrea

Founder of Ambition Theory

We are a professional coaching company.

We believe in a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to fuel their ambition, contribute to the organization and have a fulfilling career.


every day

It’s like having your very own leadership coach to help you focus and take action towards your goals in the form of a journal! It’s the coaching exercises that we take all of our clients through illustrated by the talented Jill Jackson.

Featured In

How to set goals you can actually achieve

Andrea was featured on CTV morning live and helped host Ceilidh Millar figure out what ambition means to her.

Why there are so few women in leadership and what you can do to change this.

Watch Andrea’s top-rated presentation

Why there are so few women in leadership and what YOU can do to change this.


What it’s really going to take to close the gender gap in the workplace

Every week we deliver thought leadership in the diversity and inclusion space. We interview CEO’s, authors, professors and real people who are doing their part to close the gender gap in the workplace.

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